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Association for Temperate Agroforestry

The mission of AFTA is to promote the wider adoption of agroforestry by landowners in temperate regions of North America. Formed in 1991, the Association for Temperate Agroforestry Inc. (AFTA) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry at Columbia. 

With members in the US, Canada and overseas, AFTA pursues its mission through activities such as networking, information exchange, public education, and policy development. Our intended audience includes university researchers, educators and extensionists, private farm and forestry groups, public policy makers, and private landowners. AFTA has received financial support through dues and contributions from its members and the public, sponsorships from public agencies and private corporations,  contracts with USDA, and foundation grants, notably the Allen and Josephine Green Foundation. To read more, please visit our website.