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Agroforestry at Virginia Tech

Agroforestry at Virginia Tech


Our mission is to discover, teach, and disseminate knowledge about the biophysical, social, and economic
factors that affect management practices and influence the adoption and permanence of agroforestry systems. 


Virginia Tech's agroforestry team is a collaborative, trans-disciplinary group of faculty and staff working to advance and expand these practices and systems in temperate and tropical regions through innovative research, education and outreach programming.

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is the intentional integration of agricultural and forest management practices that are designed to create greater economically and environmentally sustainable farming systems and more aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

We focus on the following in our research and communication:

  • New Markets, New Products, New Values
  • Adoption, Adaptation, Permanence
  • Advances in Technology and Operations
  • Economic Insights and Financial Tools
  • Production Science
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Culture, Communication, Context
  • Policy and Practices
  • International Agroforestry