Katie Trozzo

Ph.D. Candidate

Katie Trozzo is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech. She is a researcher, facilitator, organizer, designer, and teacher. Her fellowship from the Matthews Foundation has landed her in Grayson County Virginia to live and study how communities overcome the complexities of marketing non-timber forest products (ex. fruits, nuts, berries, woodland medicinals, mushrooms). She organizes a community group called the Blue Ridge Woodland Growers that focuses on navigating the obstacles and capitalizing on the opportunity of non-timber forest products in Grayson and Carroll Counties. Katie helps organize and facilitate an emerging community herbal group focused on developing a grassroots regional apothecary in Grayson County VA and Ashe County NC. She also co-organizes Grayson Land Care’s Land Stewardship Competition for local high school students to share their ideas about how to improve quality of life, the environment and livelihoods in Grayson County. Katie organized the first agroforestry practitioner workshop in the Chesapeake Region of Virginia and has organized a number of agroforestry and non-timber forest product related community workshops. She is currently designing and planning a 2-day beginning forest farmer training as part of the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Program. She is also part of the North American Agroforestry 2017 Planning Committee responsible for designing and planning the upcoming conference hosted by Virginia Tech.

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