Dana Beegle

Graduate Student (MS)

Dana Beegle is a current Masters candidate in agroforestry at Virginia Tech. Her research interests include landowner application of agroforestry, the influence of permaculture and other polyculture systems on agroforestry application, how landowners are networking and sharing agroforestry-related information, and tree selection for Mid-Atlantic silvopasture. Dana received her BS in Forestry in 1994 and worked in horticulture, environmental education, and sustainable farming before returning to pursue her Masters in 2013. She was motivated to return to school by an interest in applying agroforestry practices on her family farm. She and her husband own and run Beegle Landscaping and Lawn Care, Bootleg BBQ, and StoneRoot Farm in Floyd, VA – where they produce shiitake mushrooms, wild-simulated ramps, goldenseal, and pasture-fed beef. Their farm recently received NRCS funding to establish 11 acres of silvopasture which they hope to plant in fall 2015.